Cardiac Rehabilitation After Open Heart Surgery

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?What is the meaning of open heart surgery

Open-heart surgery is any type of surgery where the chest is cut open and surgery is performed   on the heart

?What is the definition of cardiac rehabilitation

According to AACPR its the process by which persons with cardiovascular problems for restored and maintained their optimal physiological, psychological, social, vocational, and emotional status

What are the goals from physical therapy after open heart surgery

:The goals of physical therapy are to teach the patient and his family or caregiver how to

  • Move safely to protect his incisions
  • Do exercises to strengthen muscles and manage swelling
  • Monitor activity level so that exercise at the right level
  • Increase the activity slowly and safely when return home


?Are There any precautions for those patients after surgery

Of course and you must know it ..

:For 6 weeks after surgery, patient must NOT

Lift, push, or pull anything that heavy weight

Raise elbows higher than shoulders

Reach behind back

Get in and out of bed without using arms

Stand up from a chair and sit down without putting pressure on the arms

?What are the phases of rehabilitation after surgery

(Phase I (Inpatient Period

(Phase II (Immediate Outpatient Period

(Phase III and Phase IV (Intermediate and Maintenance Periods

(Phase I (Inpatient Period

:This stage of rehabilitation can last from one day to discharge and do

Very low intensity exercise like passive ROM for upper and lower limb , and should avoid isometrics (increases heart rate), valsalva , raising the legs above the heart (can increase preload)

After that can increase the intensity slightly by walking and take a small steps in the room then in corridor 

(Phase II (Immediate Outpatient Period

This period is the convalescent stage following a hospital discharge its take a 6 weeks , giving the patients some advices like walking every day with using a monitors “Figure ” during walking  and don’t increase heart rate more than 70 % of Mix HR.

(MIX HEART RATE=220 _ pt age)

(Phase III and Phase IV (Intermediate and Maintenance Periods

The third stage of recovery is an extended outpatient period that may be divided into two components, intermediate and maintenance

:Include 3 mains things

Warm up: increase HR gradually and stretching ex for 10 min

Aerobic EX: like treadmill and bicycle for 30 min ” 60 to 75 % of MIX HR

Cool down: same to warm up

“For 3 times per week”

?What are the out comes from rehabilitation after surgery

  • Improve exercise tolerance
  • Control of symptoms
  • Improve stroke volume and decrease resting HR
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity 
  • Improve the ability to do the activity of daily living

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